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Dear Dumbass...

Please die. ♥

Dear Dumbass
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Dear Dumbass,

Do you have something to rant and rave about? Someone or thing that just really got on your nerves and you want to complain to noone in particular? Then this is the community for you. You don't have to be funny, lyrical, or even make sense. We're here to help you get something off your chest. Weither someone rearended you while you were turning, or something fell on your toe.

To help things get started out atleast semi-smoothly, I'm gunna include a few rules to live by in this community.

*If you're gunna post a photo, put it behind a cut.
*No promoting without permission. Email me at xclockwerkangelx@gmail.com before posting an ad. If you don't ask me first, it'll be deleted. And only bother ask me if it's related to this type of community.
*No flaming people in this community. Extreme arguing and rudeness will get you banned if you're not careful. Otherwise, I'll try to freeze comments to a thread before they get that far out of hand.
*Make your rant in a letter formation. Just something to make your complaint that much more interesting.

That'll be all rulewise. If I feel the need to make more rules, I will. I will post about that type of stuff when it happens. Hopefully I won't have to. I will give one warning. If you break the rule a second time, you will be banned. All new rules are in bold.

sister sites

If you'd like to be linked here, let me know. I'll link to you if you link to me. Ok?

This community is moderated by anti_religion. If you have a complaint, contact me via email at xclockwerkangelx@gmail.com